Parade Laps – Important information

Some of our motorsport events give you the chance to drive your own car on the circuit. Please read following notes carefully.

The Parade Laps are NOT a track day but helmets are mandatory for all drivers and passengers.

You will need to be at your car 30 minutes before your session starts so that marshals can escort you to the holding area.

The first lap of each session will take place behind a safety car. You are not allowed to overtake other cars during this lap and you must not overtake the safety car at any time.

If you taking part in 2 consecutive sessions you will return to the pit lane after the first session and not to your parking place in the Clubs Enclosure.

Stopping on the track is strictly forbidden.

Depending on the circuit you are taking part at it may be possible to use the pit lane to swap drivers. However nobody is allowed to join you or wait for you in the pit lane.

All drivers must be in possession of a valid driving licence.

When a car is trying to overtake you, you must hold your line. It is the responsibility of the car overtaking you to move around you.

You must not race.

You must not cross the lines marking the boundary of the track.

You must obey the instructions of the marshals at all times:

  • Yellow flag or light – Danger/slow down – Overtaking forbidden
  • Yellow flag or light – Danger/slow down – Overtaking forbidden
  • Green flag or light – End of problem – Session resumes
  • Red flag or light – Finish the lap and return slowly to the pit lane
  • The maximum number of people allowed in a car is 2.

    All participants must be at least 16 years old.

    We will send you a form supplied by the organisers which every driver must sign confirming they agree to the above before bookings for the Parade Laps can be accepted.

    Additional information

    A noise limit does not apply.

    The exact times the sessions will take place will not be known until the event timetable is confirmed.

    You do not need any special documents, only your normal driving licence.

    There are no maximum or minimum speed limits. You are free to go at whatever speeds you are comfortable with. If you are concerned about the speed of other cars the track is wide enough to allow everyone to go at their own pace.

    If you want to overtake another car please do not encourage them to go faster than they want. Please wait for a safe place to pass and give other cars plenty of room.

    Please use your mirrors at all times.

    There are no compulsory insurance requirements. This is not a track day and the Parade Laps are not organised by a UK track day operator. It is up to each participant to arrange whatever insurance cover they feel appropriate.