The FTT Continental

The FTT Continental gives you the chance to take part in a tour which offers more than our other Group Tours.

These tours are longer... With additional time available they give you more opportunities to enjoy some of the best roads in Europe... The hotels are more special... And all this means the experience you have is a even more amazing...

On each day you will be able to choose how long you spend in your car; there will always be a direct route to your next destination or a longer all day option following carefully researched 'drivers' roads. You will be supplied with a set of custom satnav files (a limited number of units are available for hire) and maps so you can concentrate on enjoying your car and the scenery instead of worrying about which way to go.

The last FTT Continental took place in 2019 and went through Germany's Black Forest before crossing the high passes of the Swiss Alps on some truly exhilarating roads.

Details of the long awaited 2022 FTT Continental to the Historic Monaco Grand Prix are available here.

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